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Toponimia Medieval en el País Vasco. Letra A

Toponimia Medieval en el País Vasco. Letra A (Preface by José Ángel García de Cortazar)

  • Author: Ángeles Líbano Zumalacárregui
  • Collection: Onomasticon Vasconiae
  • ISBN: 978-84-85479-77-1
  • Editor:
  • Year of publication: 1995
  • Binded in cartoné (640 pags.; 27 x 17 cm)
  • Language: Gaztelania/Castellano

19,95€ 21,00€



This study is a highly comprehensive compilation of large and small toponyms in the Basque Country that appear in cartularies from the Middle Ages. This volume contains toponyms under the letter "A" that were found until the 13th century. At the end there is a "reverse index".

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