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Euskararen tratamenduak: erabilera

Euskararen tratamenduak: erabilera

  • Author: Javier Alberdi Larizgoitia
  • Collection: Iker
  • ISBN: 978-84-85479-80-1
  • Editor:
  • Year of publication: 1996
  • Hardback paper (444 pags.; 23 x 16 cm)
  • Language: Euskara - Gaztelania/Castellano - Frantsesa/Français - Ingelesa/English

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This publication wants to describe the different kind of treatments are used in the basque spoken language today, This publication is separated in two main parts. In the first one could be read empiric theories and researches; and the second one would be the use of the allocutive treatments in basque with regard to the synchrony, its methodology and the researching of the allocutives among the different dialects of the basque language.

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